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Cabrini Research 2022/23 Annual Report released


Dilys Leung

Cabrini Research is delighted to announce the release of our latest Annual Report. Providing an overview of our multi-disciplinary research, it highlights our institutional achievements including:

  • The addition of the Alan, Ada, and Eva Selwyn Endowed Chair for Colorectal Cancer Research, our second endowed chair that will further strengthen our capabilities in genomics-led translational research;
  • Expansion in the Cabrini Research Governance Office to address newly introduced Commonwealth regulations and support our growing research activities;
  • Development of our research services in biostatistics, grant writing, and commercialisation, streamlining and accelerating the work of our researchers; and
  • Increased consumer and community engagement, facilitating our patient-centred research strategy and the efficient translation of research evidence to clinical impact.

During the reporting period notable progress was made across our Research Departments through:

  • Increased clinical trials activity in medical oncology, urology, and cardiology;
  • Advances in our organoid-based translational research across colorectal, breast, and ovarian cancer; and
  • Progress throughout our precision oncology capabilities, in collaboration with the Monash Partners Comprehensive Cancer Consortium.

These accomplishments are a testament to the hard work of our researchers and both the generosity and vision of our donors. As we develop plans for our future, Cabrini Research is well placed to continue this work and deliver breakthroughs that will benefit patients at Cabrini and elsewhere.

Read the Cabrini Research Annual Report