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Caring for the aged a life-long passion


There are many things Irene Kogan loves about her job, but nothing beats a good story from one of her residents.

Irene has been a nurse for more than 30 years, and the past 10 of those she has dedicated to Cabrini Residential Aged Care in Ashwood.

A love of storytelling and caregiving led her to working in aged care, and she hasn’t looked back.

As a way of celebrating Aged Care Employee Day on 7 August, we asked Irene to explain what she loved about her role most.

Irene, an ACFI Coordinator and Registered Nurse, said prior to coming to work at Cabrini she had heard a lot of positive feedback and when an opportunity to join the team popped up, she didn’t hesitate.

“I immediately applied and never looked back,” she said.

“The amazing work I have had an opportunity to do with the caring team at Cabrini Ashwood has resulted in some of the best and most fulfilling years of my professional career.”

The 64-year-old said she loved the aged care industry because, through the care they provided, they could improve the quality of life for residents and ensure their life was as enjoyable as possible.

Irene, whose family migrated from Belarus to Australia in 1989, said what she enjoyed most about her job was the time she got to spend listening to her residents.

“In aged care, every resident has a story to tell and every resident is an individual,” she said.

“I love providing every individual with the level of service and care that improves their quality of life. All of us in aged care have been entrusted with very important duties and being able to make such a positive impact on so many lives is what makes me jump out of bed in the morning.”

When asked about the meaning of Aged Care Employee Day, Irene said it was a day to acknowledge the extraordinary people in the sector.

“Throughout my three-decade career I have come across some truly inspirational people in the aged care industry who dedicate their lives to others day after day.

“I will be spending time with my colleagues and personally reflecting on the dedicated people I have worked with across my career.”

The past 18 months have been an exceptionally challenging time for those in our aged care sector, and we thought it was imperative to give thanks to all aged care workers near and far.

This year’s theme is #ThanksforCaring and we want to say thank you to our resilient and dedicated nurses and care workers, allied health professionals, hospitality teams, cleaners, volunteers, lifestyle and administration staff, families and the many others in our aged care team for everything you all do.