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Healing creates a lasting floral impression


Chloe material

A recent client of the Cabrini Women’s Mental Health service, an artist and owner of her own business – Clover & Co – was inspired by her experience to design a new fabric.

She says that art therapy has always been a massive part of her healing, and whatever she creates comes from a deep place in her soul.

The feminine, floral fabric print ‘Chloe’ is named after one of our amazing nurses, who made a lasting impression on this client. The pattern is a tribute to the saying, “no rain, no flowers”.

“Each flower (including the Cabrini red), represents each month – another month of healing, recovery and life,” she says.

“It is a massive process to release each print, but what better time to release it than to celebrate another year of life and another year of this incredible community.”

This is a reminder that the people we care for are more than just patients. Each one has their own unique story, and that story doesn’t end when they leave us.

We have the privilege to connect with them while they are in our care and become a part of theirs and their families’ ongoing narrative. Whether or not that narrative reflects positively is entirely up to us!

It is such a credit to every single staff member involved in her care, particularly Chloe and it’s so encouraging to receive such a heartfelt response!

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