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Couple tie the knot Cabrini-style


Story by Holly McKay

‘Family – where life begins and love never ends.’

A quote that couldn’t ring truer for Louise Teo and her tight-knit family.

When Louise met her now husband Henry seven years ago, it was fate – two people studying for their physician exams with friends looking out for their best interests.

“His friend was trying to set us up but we were both sceptical about it, then we ended up on a course together in New Zealand with a big group of people and got to know each other that way,” Louise said.

“Henry is a great listener, he’s very supportive and he cares a lot about family. He’s very level-headed and calm – he’s just a good person you want to be around.”

While the couple were dating, Louise’s father Phillip moved into Cabrini Residential Aged Care in Ashwood.

“It was a lot to adjust to when he went into care. It was incredibly tough and it’s been a huge journey for our whole family,” Louise said.

After dating for six years Henry popped the question and the couple opted to celebrate their engagement at Cabrini Ashwood last year.

While planning for their big day, the couple’s only certainty was that Phillip had to be at the ceremony.

cabrini ashwood wedding

“We’re very close,” Louise said.

“I admire his strength and his courage. He’s always very considerate of others, he always tries to remember names and to say thank you,” she said.

“He’s very thoughtful and never complains despite being in a difficult situation. And he’s known for his sense of humour.”

Louise said her father’s mobility made the decision to have their wedding at Cabrini Residential Aged Care absolute.

“I couldn’t imagine celebrating anywhere else without dad. It’s so wonderful they were able to be so accommodating.”

Louise and Henry tied the knot on January 25, which also coincided with the start of the Chinese New Year.

“It was beautiful, everyone was there, everything went perfectly,” Louise said.

“It was really very special having it there, it was intimate.

“It was all about just having our closest family and friends there, and it just shows that it can be as small as you want and still be a special day.”

Louise said being able to get married at Cabrini Residential Aged Care with her father accompanying her down the aisle was a dream come true.

“Having these celebrations at Cabrini Ashwood helped our whole family be able to celebrate those special occasions together.

“We are really, really grateful and will always remember this.”

She said Cabrini had “become like family”, with staff turning up early on the day to wish them all the best and helping with decorations.

“Nurses were coming in early and were all so involved, so many people were helping get things organised and prepared.

“Special thanks to Paula, she did so much work behind the scenes – decorations sand organising, we couldn’t have done it without her.”

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