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Educating and Empowering Diabetes Patients


For those living with diabetes, managing everything can be overwhelming – that’s why Cabrini has a team of credentialled diabetes educators to provide expert guidance.

The team of three diabetes educators provide support for people self-managing their diabetes, allowing them to overcome challenges, and lead the healthiest life possible.

Diabetes educator Helen Mahon said the team’s service is all encompassing.

“We support people living with type 1 and 2 diabetes as well as people living with gestational diabetes, during and after their pregnancy. This also includes carers and guardians of people living with diabetes,” she said.

“We also provide support for those who have been diagnosed with prediabetes or told they have high blood glucose, oncology patients on steroid medication, and people requiring insulin medication.”

Helen said the team have a clear mantra to empower those living with diabetes with knowledge and guidance to understand the condition, overcome the challenges it may bring and gain confidence to live a healthy, full life.

“Education is the key – our main goal is to educate people on their diabetes, including complications and links to other health conditions,” she said.

“We offer advice and support around lifestyle changes that support diabetes management and give guidance on medication management safety, including the use of insulin therapy and insulin pumps.

“Equally as important, we provide education on the self-monitoring of blood glucose levels including technique and interpretation of results.”

Helen said each person’s diabetes journey is different, so tailoring education to each specific patient is vital.

“We constantly adapt our plans for each individual patient’s needs,” she said.

“It’s all about building trust with our clients to share decisions and make plans together about their diabetes care and management.”