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Honouring the enduring legacy of Patricia Snowden at Cabrini Hospital


Gerald and Patricia Snowden wedding

On Wednesday, 15 May, as the world marked International Day of Families, Cabrini Malvern paid tribute to the enduring legacy of Patricia Snowden, a shining example of love, resilience, and motherhood whose influence lives on within our organisation.

Ten of Patricia and Gerald Snowden’s eleven children were welcomed into the world at Cabrini Hospital, and the Snowden family holds the record for the most babies born on our maternity ward.

Patricia’s devoted husband Gerald Snowden attended Cabrini Malvern accompanied by members of the family, to unveil a commemorative plaque (pictured below), immortalising the profound story of the late Patricia. Their tale, characterised by limitless love and unwavering commitment, exemplifies the importance of family and the enduring spirit of motherhood on Cabrini’s Maternity Ward.

Born in 1936, Patricia Snowden was a woman of quiet strength and boundless love. Since her passing in 2011, Gerald Snowden has been dedicated to preserving Patricia’s memory and ensure her legacy lives on.

Snowden family maternity plaque unveiling - Cabrini Malvern 2024On meeting staff from Cabrini and visiting the Maternity Ward, Mr Snowden shared fond and uplifting memories of their time spent at Cabrini.

From 1959 to 1972, Gerald and Patricia entrusted Cabrini Hospital with the arrival of their children, drawn by its reputation and proximity to their home. Despite the passage of time, Gerald cherished the moments of holding his newborns for the first time upon discharge.

“When Patricia and I were courting, I asked her, ‘How many children do you want to have?’ She said, a bit flippantly, ‘Oh, about 12.’ We were blessed indeed,” recalls Gerald, now 90 years young.

Patricia, described by Gerald as shy, modest, caring, generous, and loving, dedicated herself wholeheartedly to her family and community. Her legacy will forever be etched in Cabrini’s history, a poignant reminder of the transformative power of love, family and motherhood.