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Huge milestone for Cabrini’s most familiar face


Concierge Mick Ewer is a hospital institution, celebrating 35 years at Cabrini Malvern.

“I find it very rewarding as well because you are helping so many people,” he says.

“We’ve got patients who come in on a regular basis. They come in and say, ‘good morning Mick, how are you? Do you know where I’m going today?’ And I say ‘I think we should know by now.’

“You have a good talk with them, there’s some really lovely people, young and old, coming in.”

Mick has worked since he was 14, as a chauffeur, a delivery truck owner and he completed two years in the army.

“My father always told me, whatever you do in life, do it properly,” he says.

Before he was a concierge, Mick, who is now 71, worked in the Cabrini gardens for 32 years.

“We planted all of these gardens and I got a lot of pleasure out of seeing them grow,” he says.

“I was here seven days a week for all those years, on Saturday and Sunday I’d only work half a day, depending on what I was doing.”

Mick was offered the concierge position when the pandemic began, and says he wasn’t daunted by the prospect of a public-facing role.

“I felt like I was fit enough, and I wore a mask and I was happy with that, until the vaccinations became available.”

Cabrini Chief Executive Sue Williams says Mick is a loyal and popular staff member.

“As concierge, Mick is the first point of contact for many visitors to Cabrini Malvern,” she says.

“The warmth of his welcome sets the tone for their hospital experience. We are so lucky to have him as part of our team.”

He attributes his fitness to walking – he wakes at 4.30 and catches public transport to work – hard work and his wife’s excellent cooking.

We congratulate Mick on his significant milestone at Cabrini.