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Nothing short of fate


The arrival of Elle and Lachy’s baby daughter Darcy is nothing short of fate.

Their mothers met during prenatal class at Cabrini in 1989 and quickly became friends.

“We were born a week apart,” said Elle.

“Our mothers came to prenatal classes at Cabrini and became friends. Shortly after they gave birth to us both, they met again in the ward and introduced us – that’s when we first met.”

The friendship endured during the early years of their lives.

“We’ve got photos together at our first birthday parties and kinder, but we went to different primary schools and lost touch.”

But fate would bring them back together.

“On year 7 orientation our parents bumped into each other and told us the story.

“We didn’t really have any classes together, but in year 10 I was almost the only girl in maths class and had to make some new friends, so I went up to Lachy.”

Soon after began dating and two years ago tied the knot.

Then, on August 15, 2023, their first child, beautiful baby Darcy came into the world.

“She’s absolutely perfect, we couldn’t be any happier.

“Our mums are incredibly happy too – they were good friends at the start of our lives, now we’re all family.”

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