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Palliative Care Week: A rewarding career


Jane was there when Cabrini’s Palliative and Supportive Care Services first launched 22 years ago.

“I started at Cabrini Prahran, with the first group of patients in 1999,” she says.

“It’s still an incredibly rewarding job, not depressing, it’s uplifting at times.”

Jane says working in palliative care is she has been taught the tools to help not only her patients and their loved ones to have the best symptom management and spiritual care, but also to look after herself and her colleagues at the same time.

“That’s where Cabrini is wonderful,” she says. “I love the education.”

These days, Jane is out in the community, representing the Cabrini Palliative Home Care service.  She provides nursing assessment and care to patients in the comfort of their home.

“I love that when you’re in the home you can actually concentrate on that person for the length of the visit.

“No buzzers or distractions. You can listen to them and what their goals are. You can educate the family on how to look after someone at home – and often it’s a crash course. That’s why I love being out on the road and seeing people, helping with their care.”

Jane’s story resonates in National Palliative Care Week, as this year’s theme is “It’s your right”.

All Australians have the right to high-quality palliative care where and when they need it.

Jane encourages anyone considering a career in palliative care nursing to try other areas of nursing first, as a broad range of professional and life experience helps.

Cabrini offers a range of services that work closely to provide a seamless patient experience.

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