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Puppy love in paediatric unit


It’s hard to say who most enjoys pet therapy visits – patients, staff or Mimi, the fabulously outgoing toy poodle.

Mimi is something of a celebrity on her fortnightly visits to Cabrini’s paediatric unit, stopping for cuddles and selfies with everyone she meets.

Mimi – who is named after immunologist / allergist, Professor Mimi Tang – and her human friend Min, a retired doctor, volunteer for Delta Therapy Dogs, and Min says the regular visits “mean the world”.

Recently Asher, 15, was missing his own puppies during an extended hospital stay. He had a beautiful encounter with Mimi which mum Leah said ‘absolutely made his day’.

Asher said that desserts had previously been a highlight during his long days, “but dogs are always better than dessert”.

Mimi originally trained as a service dog, but with her outgoing, sociable nature she is a perfect fit for pet therapy. Having undergone a rigorous training and interview process, she now brightens the day of many children on the ward.

She is one of several Delta Therapy dogs who visit Cabrini, making a positive impact on patients’ social, emotional, physical and physiological health, improving quality of life and well-being.


Asher with Mimi the rockstar.