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Quilting helps pass the time


They say a ‘stitch in time saves nine’ but for Cabrini oncology patient Glenyce Richardson, it has saved a lot more.

The sprightly 90-year-old attributes quilt-making to keeping her sane during various bouts of illness.

Still as quick-witted as ever, Mrs Richardson said she needed something to keep her occupied while she was in hospital and with extra time on her hands was able to rekindle her love of quilting.

“I love patchwork and it gives me something to do rather than just sitting around while I am having treatment,” she said.

After breaking her hip in 2016, Mrs Richardson spent six months at Cabrini Palliative Care in Prahran. While she was there, she made a patchwork quilt, which she fondly refers to as her “hospital sanity quilt”.

“It kept away the boredom while I was in hospital,” she said.

“The time goes quicker when you are busy. The other patients were envious of me.”

It is one of many quilts in her collection, though her favourite is the quilt she made for her husband for their 60th wedding anniversary.

She said the secret to longevity was finding a good husband.

The couple, who have been together 74 years, said they are as much in love now as the day they met.

“Basil used to wait for me to finish work every day and then carry me home on his bicycle,” Mrs Richardson said.

“It was actually a clock that brought us together. Basil had left a clock to be fixed at the jeweller where I worked, and kept coming in to see if it had been repaired. It was love at first sight. We still have the clock sitting on our mantelpiece, it is a lovely reminder of how we met.”

Mrs Richardson said she had received amazing care at Cabrini.

“We can’t speak more highly of Cabrini, it is wonderful,” she said.

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