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Improving cancer care now and into the future

As the largest private provider of cancer services in Australia, and the second largest cancer service provider in Victoria, Cabrini is committed to cancer research.

At current rates, it is expected one in two Australians will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85, presenting a major issue for our health system.

Cancer research is key in finding new ways to improve treatments and develop better cancer services to support people during one of the most vulnerable times in their life.

Cabrini’s researchers and clinicians work collaboratively to drive discoveries which are making an impact across the full spectrum of a patient’s cancer journey from screening to diagnosis, treatment and survival.

Our areas of cancer research

  • Oncology clinical trials
  • Cancer biology and translational therapeutics
  • Precision cancer medicine
  • Causes of cancer
  • Cancer detection and diagnosis
  • Cancer treatment and prevention
  • Cancer preclinical models
  • Exercise for cancer supportive care
  • Cancer health informatics
  • Cancer digital health technology
  • Cancer public health and high value care
  • Patient reported outcomes
  • Cancer service improvement
  • Cancer support and wellbeing

Cabrini research departments involved in cancer research

Our researchers and clinicians work across multiple research departments to improve cancer treatments and services for our patients. Discover the world-class research being led by our research departments.