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What is health informatics research?

Vast amounts of digital information are generated through patient care, medical management and research.

These are often in the form of electronic records, healthcare apps, telehealth, the collection of clinical data in databases and registries, and medical data reporting tools such as patient reported outcomes measures (PROMs).

The discipline of health informatics combines clinical data and data structures with IT and technology to enhance healthcare delivery and improve quality of care, access to care, and ultimately patient outcomes through the effective use and exchange of health information.


Health informatics research at Cabrini

At Cabrini Health, informatics research is helping us to transform data into better health outcomes for patients – and develop new and improved health strategies.

Our researchers are using data to develop individualised treatment plans for patients to;

  • reduce ineffective treatments
  • predict which patients will respond best to treatments
  • reduce costs associated with care.

Health informatics research also provides clear and evidence-based information for clinicians to make medical decisions and decision makers to develop healthcare policy.

Cabrini research departments involved in health informatics

Our researchers and clinicians work across multiple research departments to help us transform data into better health outcomes for our patients. Discover the world-class research being led by our research departments.