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When ducks attack Ros needs a quack


A chance encounter with a pair of angry ducks led avid golfer Rosamund to Cabrini Emergency last month.

“I had an embarrassing but frightening incident while playing golf,” Ros says.

“The ducks were vicious, they flew at me.

“I got my cap off to defend myself. It wasn’t actually painful, and I waited longer than I should have to have it treated.”

By the time Ros travelled from Phillip Island to Melbourne she required treatment for the nasty wound on her shin.

“All the doctors and nurses were wonderful, but I was treated by the gorgeous (A/Prof) Keith Joe. He could not have been any nicer or funnier.”

A/Prof Joe says Ros sustained a large deep skin tear to her leg.

“Fortunately for her, the skin flap was able to be repositioned and dressed, and healed well,” he says.

He has counselled his patient to avoid ducks in the future.

While Ros has a good sense of humour about her wildlife encounter, she says it has given her an appreciation of the healthcare team who she met on subsequent visits for wound care.

“All were warm and friendly, especially Catherine who I met several times across three visits.

My wound is healing slowly but well with no infection. I feel I couldn’t have received better care from kinder people anywhere. Thank you!”

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