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Student acknowledges Cabrini staff in heartfelt gesture


Story by Holly McKay

A Year 9 student from Kilvington Grammar School has spent the past few weeks planning and preparing care packages for some of Cabrini’s incredible staff.

As part of a school project called The Kindness Project, Charlotte wanted to acknowledge health workers, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Charlotte said the idea behind the project was to create something that would “positively impact the community”.

“My first idea was letters but then I came up with idea to prepare care packages, including essential pantry items, TLC products and products that promote mental wellbeing to combat stress,” Charlotte said.

Charlotte chose Cabrini for her project as she and her siblings were all born at Cabrini.

The Ormond student said initially she wanted to support the frontline staff but she realised many other organisations were doing just that so opted to design her care packages for staff in other teams.

Charlotte said those staff were doing a great job to support clinical staff, whether it was temperature checking, cleaning, answering phones, cooking or serving patients meals.

“Thank you, on behalf of us all, for everything that you do in this surreal time,” she said.

“We’re very, very grateful.”

Student Charlotte at Cabrini Malvern

Cabrini Sous chef Robbie Binedell was one of the recipients of Charlotte’s care packages and said it was a nice way to be acknowledged.

“I feel really happy – the main thing is being recognised,” he said.

Mr Bindell, who has worked at Cabrini for the past nine years, said he loved what the organisation stood for.

“I like it because it’s a place that helps out refugees and the homeless, they help all walks of life,” he said.

“They’re more about human kindness than making money and that’s very rare to find these days.” Bronwyn Woolley, who works at Cabrini’s call centre, said receiving a care package during the covid-19 pandemic was a beautiful gesture.

“It’s really lovely, so nice to be recognised,” she said.

“I love the team that I work with at Cabrini, and I love the fact that when I say to the callers ‘it’s a pleasure’ – I mean it and they comment about how friendly and polite we are.”

While we all value the wonderful job our nurses and doctors do, the recognition of the work our support staff do day in and day out was gratefully received.

Thank you Charlotte.