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World Refugee Day – 2023


It’s World Refugee Day – an international day designated to celebrate the strength and courage of people who have been forced to flee their home country to escape conflict or persecution.

Those who seek asylum in Australia often face many struggles, which is why the members of the Cabrini Outreach team strive to provide free, compassionate primary health and mental healthcare to these vulnerable people.

“When people arrive in Australia seeking asylum, they don’t always have an easy time of it – the legal process takes some time and while people wait for a decision, they often they don’t have access to Medicare, work rights or income to support themselves,” Cabrini Outreach General Manager Tracey Cabrie said.

“This year’s World Refugee Day theme is ‘Finding Freedom – and we’re constantly striving to help our community do just this. Typically, we have 400 active clients and we run on the principle that healthcare is a basic fundamental human right and we’re here to ensure these people receive it.”

In addition to providing consults, Cabrini Outreach also has a healthcare waiver program, which waives the cost of essential prescription medicine for eligible clients.

“Refugees often don’t have Medicare, which makes the cost of medication quite high – when you couple this with those who don’t have work rights or any income, it becomes impossible for people to access the medication they require,” Ms Cabrie said.

“Last year we waived the cost of over $100,000 worth of prescription medicine for those in need.”

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