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What is cardiovascular disease?

Cardiovascular disease collectively describes all heart, stroke, and blood vessel diseases and is the leading cause of death worldwide.

Heart disease is the largest killer among the group of conditions, accounting for 67 per cent of all cardiovascular disease related deaths. Approximately 79 Australians lose their life every day from heart disease.

Heart disease covers a variety of conditions affecting structure and function of the heart muscle. These include:

  • Coronary heart disease, also known as ischemic heart disease or coronary artery disease (a build up of plaque in the arteries decreasing blood flow to the heart. A complete blockage results in a heart attack)
  • Heart arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats due to faulty electrical signals coordinating heart pumping rhythm, can result in cardiac arrest)
  • Heart failure (heart damage causing the heart to pump improperly)
  • Heart valve disease (heart valves not opening or closing correctly, disrupting blood flow to the body)
  • Cardiac amyloidosis (a disorder caused by deposits of an abnormal protein (amyloid) in the heart tissue making it difficult for the heart to function correctly
  • Cardiomyopathy (heart muscle becomes bigger, stiffer or thicker, losing its ability to pump efficiently)
  • Congenital heart defects (defects present at birth affecting how the heart pumps).

Cardiovascular disease research at Cabrini

At Cabrini, our world leading cardiology and cardiac surgery researchers are making a difference through research, looking at new treatments, interventions, cures, and improving quality outcomes for heart disease patients.

Extensive clinical data collection is helping us to identify how to protect, heal, and care for each individual patient with heart disease.

Cabrini driven research in the allied health and intensive care fields intersects with heart disease and broader cardiovascular research through investigations in stroke rehabilitation, acute cardiorespiratory physiotherapy and intensive care recovery protocols for heart disease patients.

Cabrini research departments involved in cardiovascular disease

Our researchers and clinicians work across multiple research departments to improve treatments, interventions and cures for cardiovascular disease related health conditions. Discover the world-class research being led by our research departments.