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Why choose Cabrini for your care

The diagnosis of lung cancer can be very overwhelming. Unfortunately, lung cancer does not discriminate between men, women, smokers, ex-smokers and non-smokers. Depending on the symptoms, condition and severity of the disease patients’ needs can be very different. For this reason, team approach is crucial in the treatment of lung cancer.

At Cabrini we involve all members of our team and review cases regularly, to develop an individualised care plan for each patient. Our lung unit team is comprised of highly skilled respiratory and interventional physicians, thoracic surgeons, radiation and medical oncologists, psycho-oncologists, exercise physiologists, dietitians and specialist nurses.

We also understand the importance of involving you and your family in decisions about your care, and respecting your individual preferences. We offer a holistic approach at Cabrini and care for your physical, psychological and emotional needs.

Fast access to lung cancer specialists and diagnostic services

If you choose to be treated at Cabrini you will have rapid access to leading clinical experts who use the latest technological and treatment innovations. We aim to see new patients within two to three days of diagnosis or referral. Medical imaging can usually be done the following day, and biopsies within three to five days. Following the initial assessment we provide fast referrals to our sub-specialty colleagues to allow appropriate treatment to start as soon as possible.

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  • Referrals

    If you have been diagnosed with a lung cancer your GP will refer you to a specialist at Cabrini hospital. Your GP can help select the most suitable specialist to treat you. Alternatively, you can visit the Find a Doctor directory for a list of our specialists.

    At Cabrini, we ensure all patients with lung cancer receive prompt treatment. We aim to assign new patients to a specialist within hours of an urgent referral and within a week for non-urgent referrals.

    We have all the support services required for your care in one location, including all medical imaging and pathology services. This ensures coordinated care and reduces stress during what can be a challenging time.

    At Cabrini, we ensure all patients with a lung cancer receive prompt treatment. We aim to triage new patients within hours of an urgent referral and within a week for non-urgent referrals.

    When referring a patient to a Cabrini specialist, please include all pathology and imaging test results. Please note Cabrini offers comprehensive pathology and medical imaging services onsite.

    Our specialists are available to give you advice on your patient and discuss diagnostic and treatment plans. If your patient is unwell our specialists can directly admit them for inpatient treatment. For a list of our specialists visit the Find a Doctor directory.

    Alternatively, if the matter is urgent, the Cabrini Malvern Emergency Department (ED) is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. The ED team can provide a referral to the most appropriate specialist to meet your patients’ need.

All support services in the one location

Our team is here to support you throughout the different stages of your treatment, and help coordinate your care. To reduce stress for patients and allow for an integrated approach to care, our support and treatment options are available in the one location. These include:

  • rehabilitation services
  • respiratory programs
  • exercise physiologists
  • nutritional experts

And thanks to our partnership with GenesisCare Radiation Oncology, we can offer the full array of radiation oncology techniques on site.

I felt the Cabrini staff were wonderful at every part of the process. Everyone remembers my name. But most of all I trust my doctor and my team to look after me. Noella, Age 75

Lung cancer services offered

Lung cancer specialists

For a comprehensive list of Cabrini specialists, please visit our Find a Doctor directory.

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