The Cabrini Human Research Ethics Committee helps protect the interests of patients, researchers and Cabrini by maintaining high ethical research standards across all research projects and all levels of risk.

Cabrini Human Research Ethics Committee

The Cabrini Human Research Ethics Committee (CHREC) reports directly to the Cabrini Board. It reviews and approves research projects conducted at Cabrini that involve human participants. 

Our Human Research Ethics Committee ensures that:

  • ethically sound research is promoted and conducted at Cabrini
  • the research affirms the mission and values of Cabrini and teachings of the Catholic Church
  • ethical standards are maintained in research projects to protect the interests of the research participants, the investigator and the institution.

It conducts its business in accordance with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Research Involving Humans issued by the National Health and Medical Research Council in 2007, other relevant Commonwealth and State legislation and regulations and Catholic Health Australia’s Code of Ethical Standards for Catholic Health and Aged Care Services in Australia.

Cabrini is currently trialling full HREC reviews through Monash Health HREC. If your project is more than low risk, further information about full HREC review is available on the Monash Health HREC website. Research to be conducted at Cabrini must have both HREC and Governace approval before commencement. Please follow instruction for Governance submission in the CHREC Handbook, below.

Please submit feedback on Monash Health HREC submission process to

 For low or negligible risk projects, or projects with previous HREC approval, submit to Cabrini Research Governance Office according to instructions in the CHREC Handbook.


CHREC Handbook 

The Handbook is the most important CHREC resource and contains all the information researchers need to complete a research proposal for submission. 


  • Attachment 1 Full Review Application Form- Cabrini’s own application form for full Ethics Committee review. Only relevant sections should be completed, irrelevant sections can be marked N/A. We will also accept the HREA and VSM, in which case attachment 2 must be completed as well.  
  • Attachment 4 Level of Risk Checklist - This checklist is designed to aid researchers in determining the level of risk of their projects. Applicable to low-risk, negligible risk and quality assurance project.
  • Attachment 6 Progress Report - As per terms of approval of projects, all researchers are required to submit periodic progress reports. This form can be used for the annual report and the final report, required when a project is completed.
  • Attachment 8 Admin Changes Form - To be used for all changes which raise no ethical concerns e.g.adding or removing investigators, dates, contact details, logistics and other administrative issues.
  • Attachment 10 SAEs Form - To be used for reporting Serious Adverse Events (SAE) . Please refer to the CHREC Handbook for SAE reporting guidelines. Rows can be added or deleted.