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Our nurses are a diverse, highly-skilled team, committed to delivering excellent patient care. Whether full-time, part-time or casual, they enjoy the benefits of working in a dynamic, challenging environment that is supportive and offers a wide range of opportunities.

Cabrini offers nurses a professionally satisfying experience where they are encouraged to make a positive impact on patient care and patient experience. The mainstay of our nursing success is continuous learning and development, made possible through Cabrini’s extensive range of formal and informal learning opportunities.

Nursing Career Guide

Cabrini offers a diverse range of exciting and rewarding career opportunities for nurses and midwives. To find out more download our career guide.

Nursing specialties at Cabrini

Nursing and Midwifery Society

The society was created as a forum to recognise the contribution of present, past and future Cabrini nurses and midwives. It enables Cabrini nurses to stay connected with other nursing staff as they move positions within the sector. It also provides an opportunity for graduate nurses and nursing employees to socialise and work together to keep the spirit and culture of Cabrini nursing alive.

The objectives of the Nursing and Midwifery Society include:

  • Sharing history, knowledge and experiences
  • Raising funds for scholarships and to support social functions
  • Encourage and support nursing excellence at Cabrini

It also offers the opportunity to our nurses and midwives to participate in continuing education through events and forums and offer mentorship for younger generations.